The top 4 important things to understand about call tracking

call tracking

Mobile phones have made communication easier over the years. A study conducted in the U.S concluded that business calls from search, social media, display, and other paid ads have increased by 110 percent since 2014. With several customers opting to call businesses, marketers need to track, attribute, and report on calls. By including offline calls and web-based conversations, marketers can determine the value they bring to advertisers. Over the past three years, AdWords has increased its ability to track and attribute phone conversations. If you are yet to realize the…

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QR codes may mean the end for SEO marketing

Mobile Marketing News

Despite their prowess in advertising, QR codes are beginning to clash with an established and popular marketing technique. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a marketing trend that has grown in prominence since online content started to generate significant revenue. The concept guiding the technique is to tailor content so that it will appear in search engines. This often involves filling written work with a number of keywords that are meant to be strategically placed so as to catch the all-important eye of Google and other search engines. QR codes,…

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