Mobile commerce success at Target is booming

Target mobile commerce

The retailer has jumped 14 positions on the Keynote Systems site performance index. According to Keynote Systems, after repairing a number of issues with its mobile commerce website, Target has brought its home page average load time down to 7.85 seconds, causing its results to soar. That retail company has also eliminated struggles with its home page content and site redirection. After making these changes, it took Target Corp. only one week to bring itself up to the fourth position on the Keynote Mobile Commerce Performance Index. The commendable loading…

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Mobile Commerce website loading times are slowing

Mobile Commerce

This could be problematic as even one tenth of a second can make a difference to conversion rates. Keynote Systems has released its latest report that has shown that the websites that are included in the company’s Keynote Mobile Commerce Performance Index are experiencing slower load times. The speed of the company’s own site will load at an average rate of 5.54 seconds. There are thirty retailers included in the index, and the average load time for mobile commerce sites had been 8.36 during the week ending October 14, it…

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Mcommerce from Foot Locker and Office Depot shows poor performance

Mcommerce website performance

Some retailers have stumbled downward on the Keynote Mobile Commerce Performance Index. The Keynote Mobile Commerce Performance Index has shown that for the week that ended on October 14, 2012, Office Depot’s mcommerce website fell twenty places to the 23rd position, while Foot locker plummeted by seventy places to reach the 27thspot. The two mobile websites experienced a number of errors that stopped them from rendering. This, according to Keynote Systems Inc., the firm that runs the mcommerce index. According to Joke Flake, a mobile and web performance expert for…

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Mcommerce improvements made on a massive scale by PetSmart

Mcommerce Petsmart mobile website

The pet supply chain has shaved almost 3 seconds from its load time on smartphones. Keynote Systems has released some of its recent mcommerce observations, which include the fact that PetSmart has notably shortened its page load time, bringing it to an average of 5.29 seconds. This type of accomplishment is critical to the success of any company in the mobile sphere. Though most sites on the regular web tend to think that more is better, in terms of content, features, and options, nearly the opposite is true for mcommerce.…

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