M-commerce site performance improves for Foot Locker

M-Commerce performance

At the same time, the athletic footwear and apparel retailer’s website remains slow to load. According to the latest Keynote m-commerce report, Foot Locker’s mobile friendly website is still taking 17.99 seconds to load, which is causing it unnecessary harm considering the strong performance that it has otherwise displayed. The performance that the site has displayed allowed it to move up by 15 positions in the latest week. During the week that ended on June 2, Foot Locker Inc. was able to improve its m-commerce site performance to such a…

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Mobile commerce performance at Rakuten Shopping was steady in May

mobile commerce trends

The smartphone friendly site was able to keep solid load time and availability last month. According to the latest report from Keynote Systems regarding the performance of the mobile commerce website at Rakuten Shopping, the company was able to maintain steady results throughout all of May, but it would actually be possible to improve if some interesting changes were made. The site has opted to load a desktop file which actually hamper’s the page’s performance ability. That said, the mobile commerce homepage for Rakuten Shopping was able to load at…

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Mobile commerce performance from Sears is super fast

mobile commerce 1 top performance

The department store has redesigned its site for smartphones and has achieved amazing speeds. Sears has made a considerable mobile commerce performance achievement, according to Keynote Systems, which ranked the department store retailer’s smartphone friendly website in the first position among all 30 companies that are included in its index. The company was able to shoot its position upward from having been eleventh to the top spot. The Sears website was given this coveted rank on the Keynote Mobile Commerce Performance Index, after it made considerable changes to its website…

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Mobile commerce performance at American Eagle Outfitters improves

Mobile Commerce News

An important milestone has now been reached by the clothing retailer’s smartphone strategy. The teen fashion retailer has just made it into the top ten list of the Keynote Mobile Commerce Performance Index for the first time since it has established its smartphone friendly campaigns and site. The chain’s homepage was recorded to have an average load time of 11.23 seconds. This, according to the tests that were performed by Keynote for its mobile commerce index on the week that ended on April 7. This reduced load time for the…

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M-commerce website performance crushed by GameStop’s huge homepage

m-commerce slow performance

The size of the page was damaging to its ability to load quickly and hurt its Keynote Index score. The GameStop online retailer’s m-commerce website experienced a crushing load time of 19.53 seconds last week as its massive homepage side proved to be too much for many mobile consumers, especially as it loaded successfully only 98.99 percent of the time. This, according to the data gathered by Keynote Systems for the most recent week of their index. Keynote Systems feels that GameStop simply made its m-commerce homepage too big to…

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