Mobile payments service makes it easy for Kenyans to buy drinking water

Kenya mobile payments service

A new service has now used an ATM-like water dispenser that will accept transactions via phone. Ericsson and Grundfos (a global pump company) have come together to create a mobile payments service accepting water dispenser. The machine functions like an ATM, except that people withdraw clean drinking water instead of cash. Moreover, people don’t need to have cash or credit card accounts to use it as long as they have their mobile phones handy. The water access service is from a partnership between the Scandanavian tech company and Grundfos AQtap.…

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Mobile commerce growth is set to take off in Kenya

The country is preparing for rapid change as smartphones gain a much more important role. The latest mobile commerce news from the Communications Commission of Kenya is that there are approximately 39 million cell phone subscribers in the country, which means that there is more than one device for many of the 22 million Kenyan adults. Among those consumers, almost 20 million of them are subscribers to smartphone money services. In that same country, the largest bank has only approximately 9 million accounts, which clearly shows that mobile commerce is…

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