Kenya to use mhealth to boost healthcare

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Margaret Kenyatta, the first lady of the country, has rolled out the Sema-Doc Tele-Medicine Healthcare Solution. The first lady of Kenya, Margaret Kenyatta, has now officially launched an mhealth program called the Sema-Doc Tele-Medicine Healthcare Solution, which is centered around a mobile app that has been designed to boost the accessibility of healthcare throughout the country. The point of this mobile app is to provide a direct connection between patients and healthcare providers. The east African country has been making a concerted effort to improve its healthcare availability, and access…

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Mobile commerce is growing in South Africa

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Survey shows that consumers are participating in mobile commerce more readily in South Africa South Africa may be on the verge of a commerce boom powered by the mobile sector, according to a new survey from Ipsos. The country has become home to a thriving mobile commerce market, where the growing number of mobile shoppers have begun to have a major impact on the retail industry. The survey shows that consumers are becoming more interested in shopping online, both from personal computers and from their mobile devices. Consumers are using…

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Visa joins with Bharti Airtel to expand mobile commerce throughout Africa

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New partnership will bring mobile commerce services to seven African countries Visa has partnered with Bharti Airtel, a telecommunications company operating in 20 countries across Asia and Africa, in order to expand the availability of mobile payments. The two companies will be bringing new mobile payments services to seven countries in Africa, including Gabon, Kenya, Madagascar, and Rwanda. Mobile payments have gained some traction in Africa, where growing smartphone ownership is allowing consumers to shop online with their mobile devices. New services will make it possible for consumers to pay…

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MasterCard launches new mobile commerce initiative in Kenya

Kenya mobile commerce

New mobile commerce initiative leverages power of NFC-enabled cards MasterCard has announced that a new NFC-based payment service and loyalty program is now available to alumni of Kenya’s Kenyatta University. The program is meant to address consumer demand concerning new and more convenient payment services. MasterCard has a strong interest in mobile payments and its new service is meant to take advantage of the work MasterCard has done to promote mobile commerce in Kenya over the past few years. Kenya is one of the most active mobile commerce markets in…

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Mobile payments are rapidly evolving in Africa

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Though M-Pesa from Kenya is still the most successful, the market is growing quickly. M-Pesa, the mobile payments program from Kenya’s Safricom, is easily the top form of smartphone transaction in Africa, but that marketplace is rapidly growing and evolving with many other players taking part. Many are surprised to find that there are parts of Africa where its competitors are in the lead. Africa is one of the regions where mobile payments are taking off like wildfire. In fact, the population appears to be making massive move toward a…

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