Unemployed man uses QR code sandwich board in his job hunt

A Canadian man has found a unique new way to use QR code marketing, by printing one onto a sandwich board and walking the streets of Toronto in a desperate attempt to try to find a job. The man, 42-year old John Currie, is a motion graphics producer who is out of work and who decided to use this marketing tool to allow potential employers to scan the code to that they may view his website, on which his 2012 demo reel is accessible. Currie (twitter handle @thatQRcodeguy) explained that…

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Adidas replaces recruiters with QR codes


As the world of recruiting becomes more competitive, companies are beginning to feel the need to adopt new technologies as a way to reach out to potential talent. There is one trend amongst consumers that makes it simpler for recruiters to find new candidates for the companies they represent: Smart phones. With smart phones playing a bigger role in everyday life, companies have begun adopting mobile technologies that are geared toward engaging smart phone users. The best piece of mobile technology is widely believed to be QR codes. Adidas, a…

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