QR code nail stickers launched for dementia patient tracking

QR codes nail stickers child parent hand

A Japanese city has used quick response codes as a part of a new initiative to care for the elderly. A city in Japan has started to use QR code stickers on residents with dementia. The goal is to give authorities a barcode to scan if those individuals wander off and become lost. The local police, hospitals and other authorities will have the means to scan these barcodes to call up identification information for the lost person. Iruma, a company located north of Tokyo, first developed these tiny unique barcode…

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Tourist QR codes let Kyoto cops do their jobs

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Police in the Japanese city have been struggling with never-ending tourist requests for directions. Kyoto Prefectural Police officers are now using tourist QR codes to help to free them from having to continually give directions. They are now sharing the quick response codes through posters displayed on police boxes called koban. The posters show the location of a number of tourist sites and have a scannable QR code. This is the first police force to use tourist QR codes to help free their time to do their actual duties. At…

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QR codes at Japan’s Kansai Airport offer multilingual information

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These quick response codes give tourists the chance to gain info in any of nine different languages. A new move at the Kansai International Airport, using QR codes, has made it possible for travelers from overseas to be able to obtain the information that they need through the use of their smartphones and tablets. An easy scan of the quick response codes will now offer this information in nine different languages. Since January 20, travelers have been able to access tourist information through these QR codes. Those barcodes are posted…

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QR codes featured on manhole covers in Japan

qr codes manholes

A growing number of cities around the world are using the barcodes to communicate with visitors. There has been a growing trend in cities worldwide that has included the use of QR codes in order to provide tourists and other visitors to the city with a larger amount of information. The barcodes have been added to locations frequented by visitors in many different countries. This is a clear indication that smartphones are becoming recognized as a highly common and heavily used tool in our everyday lives, not only in certain…

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QR codes from Phewtick offer scanners rewards

QR Codes T-shirts

A Japanese company is hoping to encourage the use of its quick response barcodes. A Japanese startup called Phewtick has unveiled its latest plans to encourage people to scan their QR codes by offering rewards in exchange for their use. Phewtick is a smartphone app that helps its users to be able to meet new people. Now, it is also using QR codes to help those same users to make a little bit of money while they connect with others. The entire process is centered around using the quick response…

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