New mobile payments service coming to Japan

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MasterCard unveils new mobile payments venture in Japan Mobile payments are attracting strong interest in Japan. Consumers in the country appear to be very open to the idea of mobile commerce and have shown comfort with shopping online via their mobile devices. Indeed, the demand for mobile commerce services in Japan is on the rise and MasterCard is looking to answer the call. MasterCard has teamed with C-SAM and DNP in order to launch a new mobile payments platform that is based on NFC technology. White label platform may be…

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MasterCard aims to bring more mobile commerce services to Japan

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Mobile commerce is showing strong results in Japan Mobile commerce is making strong progress in Japan and much of this progress is being powered by MasterCard. The prominent credit company has taken a keen interest in mobile commerce in recent years, noting that the concept of mobile payments has become much more than a passing fancy among consumers. Today, more consumers are demanding comprehensive mobile commerce platforms and much of this demand can be found in Japan. MasterCard is eager to meet the demands of consumers by providing them with…

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Mobile payments from Square are headed into Japan

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This is the first time that the program has moved to a country outside of North America. Square, the mobile payments platform, has just announced that it has become publicly available to consumers in Japan, in a move that is taking the service outside North America for the first time. As the iPhone is a highly popular device among the Japanese, this makes it a potentially strong location for Square. Mobile payments from Square were first available to iPhone users, before it eventually expanded to be usable for Android based…

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Mobile payments may be slowly adopted among American shops and consumers

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Widespread use of this technology may not arrive until 2020, according to some experts. Though many companies and smartphone experts are counting on the rapid adoption of mobile payments and wallets over the next few years in the United States, there are some who believe that it will take a while for Americans to embrace this technology. This perspective has aligned closely with the suggestion that U.S. NFC technology adoption could be slow. A panel of mobile payments experts have stated that American adoption of near field communications may experience…

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Mobile payments in Japan set to expand through MasterCard DoCoMo partnership

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The credit card giant and the largest Japanese wireless operator have announced their new deal. The largest wireless operator in Japan, NTT DoCoMo, has just announced its new partnership with MasterCard, which will soon be broadening the world of mobile payments with the new iD system that will be able to combine with the PayPass solution that is already widely in place around the world.. The service is expected to be launched during the first half of 2013’s fiscal year, which begins in April. The new mobile payments service will…

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