Augmented reality takes a leap forward in Japan

augmented reality humanoid robot

Technology start-up aims to expand the possibilities of augmented reality Different Dimension Inc., a start-up technology company in Japan, is making waves in the world of technology with its ambitious approach to augmented reality. The company has taken a strong interest in augmented reality, but is not satisfied in using the technology in the most conventional way. Typically, augmented reality is used in marketing or mobile games as a form of engagement and entertainment. Different Dimension believes that, while the technology is very capable for such uses, it has greater…

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Augmented reality virtual humanoid robot prototype brings virtual characters to life

Augmented Reality head mounted display

A new technology development out of Japan helps to allow physical interaction with a computerized character. A Japanese startup called Different Dimension Inc. has lived up to its name through the development of a unique new augmented reality product that can change the way that we interact with virtual characters. This robot doll uses the technology to take on the appearance of any digital character. The latest announcement from Different Dimension is that it will soon begin marketing this augmented reality doll, which is unlike anything else currently being sold.…

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Augmented reality train window lets travelers choose their view

Scenery changes are up to the passenger as they decide on their own preferred landscapes Augmented reality may soon be changing the view outside train windows after a Japanese audiovisual collective called Salad came up with a design to give travelers their choice of landscape. The highly advanced AR technology project was entitled “Touch the Train Window”. In order to create the augmented reality options, the Salad team used an Xbox 360 Kinect, in combination with an iPhone, a GPS sensor, a projector, and a large variety of different openFrameworks…

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Augmented reality could become a virtual diet pill

Google glass augmented reality glasses wearable technology

Google glasses may be able to trick dieters into consuming less food by making meals look bigger. New research has suggested that augmented reality headsets, such as Google Glass, may be able to function as a kind of digital diet pill that will alter the dieter’s perception to make it seem as though a smaller meal is actually larger than it is. A Japanese team looked into the way this relatively simple trick of AR can impact the amount consumed. In fact, the research team in Japan found that by…

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Augmented reality glasses may help with weight loss

Augmented Reality technology

University of Tokyo researchers experiment with practical AR applications Augmented reality is making waves around the world for its uses in entertainment and, at times, marketing. The technology has long been plagued with the assumption that it is nothing more than a novelty. To combat this, augmented reality developers have made an effort to show that the technology can be much more than a gimmick. Researchers from the University of Tokyo in Japan have developed a new augmented reality system that aims to help people lose weight. Augmented reality glasses…

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Workers receive remote guidance through wearable AR

Yet another use for augmented reality has been discovered by a research team from the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) in Japan. This team of researchers has come up with an augmented reality guidance system that can provide new hires or inexperienced workers with remote guidance that can help to improve their performance in navigating challenging situations. The system is currently in a prototype stage of development, but it works by making it possible for a worker’s first-person perspective to be shared while within a difficult…

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Head-mounted augmented reality device aimed at fieldworkers to launch in Japan

NEC Headquarters Tokyo

NEC, a prestigious Japanese technology company, has launched a new headset that seeks to provide a new layer of information to fieldworkers. The device, called TeleScouter, is a lightweight pair of eye glasses that are connected to a compact computer that can fit into a person’s back pocket or worn on their belt. The glasses themselves are equipped with another device that paints the lenses with transparent digital imagery using augmented reality technology. NEC believes that the headset will help fieldworkers be more efficient in their duties as the device…

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Toyota uses Japanese pop-icon Hatsune Miku to promote new 2011 Corolla

Toyota Augmented Reality

Augmented reality has been growing in popularity in Japan recently. The nation is well known for its creative, and sometimes mind bending, use of technology. Augmented reality seems to fit well with the demands of consumers, especially when it can be used to bring one of Japan’s most beloved pop music idols to life. Toyota has developed a new augmented reality application that marks the partnership between the automaker’s Corolla brand and one of Japan’s leading music divas, Hatsune Miku. Dubbed “MikuScape,” the application can be used to see Miku…

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