Google Glass app from Jaguar displays augmented reality print ads

jaguar google glass mobile marketing augmented reality

This advertising design brings mobile marketing to an entirely new and interactive level. Jaguar has taken its new print ad campaign to an entirely new level through augmented reality and its app for Google Glass, cleverly encouraging consumers to interact with the experience of its villain-themed mobile marketing campaign. The brand has linked its ads from a range of different magazines through the Blippar app for various mobile devices. When using the Google Glass, smartphone, or tablet version of the Blippar app with the Jaguar ads in GQ, Wired, Condé…

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Augmented reality windshield concept among Jaguar’s projects

augmented reality windshield jaguar land rover

The automaker is developing an interactive display for its Land Rover for an AR experience. A recent report has revealed that Jaguar has a new augmented reality windshield concept in the works and that it is designing this interactive display in order to be used in its Land Rover line of vehicles. The windshield provides an entirely different experience for the driver, with a range of different features. The goal is to create an “augmented reality experience” that offers a feel somewhat like a racing video game, but that is…

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