Wearable technology growth expected to keep slowing throughout 2018

Apple Watch smartwatch Close-up Details wearable technology growth

Despite all the hype and the massive investments by tech giants, wearables just aren’t taking with consumers. Wearable technology growth had been expected to continue seeing striking increases for many years to come. That said, despite the best efforts of tech giants, this has not been the case. Growth slowed down this year and is expected to continue dropping into next year as well. eMarketer, the market research firm, has reported that wearable technology growth is slowing in a significant way. In fact, within the next year, eMarketer predicts this…

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Apple Watch has yet to impress the health care industry

Apple Watch apps -wearable technology

Medical care providers had been hoping for more from the device maker’s first smartwatch. Although the Apple Watch has been making quite a stir in terms of the fact that it represents the company’s first step into wearable technology, when it comes to the first impressions that it has been making, many of them have not been quite as strong as it had likely hoped. For example, its health and fitness tracker features are not up to what the health care industry had expected. Before the majority of health care…

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iPhone 6, Apple Pay, and Apple Watch open for U2

Apple Watch apps -wearable technology

The premium computing and mobile device brand has now unveiled its latest products. Apple’s event for this year was met with a considerable amount of excitement as the world watched to see the unveiling of the iPhone 6, as well as a number of other devices and services that have branched the company into a number of other markets. Similar to the event from last year, there were two different smartphones launched simultaneously. The difference between the two smartphones are that the iPhone 6 is the standard size for Apple’s…

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Smartwatches will be a pursuit that Swatch follows on its own


The largest watchmaker on the planet will be unveiling its own wearable technology device next summer. Swatch, the biggest watchmaker in the world, is planning to take part in the smartwatches segment of the wearable technology industry, and intends to take its opportunity to unveil its Swatch Touch in the summer of 2015. The group will be developing and designing this device on its own, instead of joining with a tech company. The Swatch Group, from Biel, Switzerland, is heading off on its own to create smartwatches with a list…

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iPhone 6 may be unveiled at September 9 event

iphone5 mobile devices thinking about iPhone 6

Apple has revealed that it will be holding an event on that date but has said nothing about a smartphone or smartwatch. In the tradition of Apple event announcements, the company has revealed that it will be holding an important gathering on September 9, and while most in the tech industry are assuming that this will be the time in which the company unveils its next smartphone, the iPhone 6, there has not been any official confirmation of that speculation. Some are also guessing that this could be the chance…

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Smartwatch in the works from Swatch

smartwatch i watch gadgets

The wristwatch brand is aiming to put out its own wearable technology device for 2015. Rumors were swirling around, recently, suggesting that Swatch was working with Apple on the creation of its smartwatch project that has been dubbed the iWatch or the iTime (depending on who you ask – though nothing official has ever been announced about the project). However, the wristwatch brand was quick to deny that it is not working on wearables with Apple. In fact, Swatch directly stated that the only way in which it is working…

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iTime prank by Jimmy Kimmel suggests consumers are loyal, regardless of features

Jimmy Kimmel iTime iWatch prank

The hugely popular talk show host used a Casio watch featuring the Apple logo to prove his theory. As the rumors about the so called iTime – the smartwatch from Apple that had previously been nicknamed the iWatch – continue to grow like wildfire, Jimmy Kimmel decided to test a theory about what it would take for people to accept the device and be impressed by it. To do this, he purchased a $20 Casio traditional wristwatch and placed the Apple logo on its underside. The faked iTime device was…

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Smartwatch patent from Apple suggests an iWatch will put consumers on iTime

smartwatch iwatch time

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has once again become a source of speculation for wearable technology watchers. For the wearable technology industry watchers, any news of the anticipated smartwatch from Apple is only growing evidence that the device actually exists and increasing fuel for speculations regarding its design and features. The latest form of this evidence has now provided more detail regarding a touchscreen wearable connected to a smartphone. The information came from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, which has been a ready source of confirmation and data…

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Smartwatch from LG to be offered by AT&T first

LG G Watch

The carrier claims that it will be the first one to sell the G Android Wear wearable technology. AT&T announced, this week, that it is going to be the very first U.S. wireless carrier that will be selling the LG Electronics smartwatch device, which will be based on the Android Wear operating system for wearable tech. This new mobile device will be going on sale on Friday and is expected to draw considerable consumer attention. The smartwatch connects to smartphones based on the Android operating system and has voice command…

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iWatch plans may be revealed by streak of hiring at Apple

smartwatch new wearable technology

The technology manufacturer is forming a team of senior medical technology execs. Apple has been drawing a considerable amount of attention and speculations as it has started a hiring spree in order to create a team made up of top senior medical technology executives for what many believe will be an important element of the so-called iWatch and other forms of wearable technology that the company may have in the works. This has caused the entire smartwatch and biotechnology community to put itself on alert. Many rumors have been flying…

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Wearable technology has yet to include Apple: could it still dominate?

smartwatch iwatch wearable devices

Despite the fact that it will be a very late entrant, could the iWatch still lead the smartwatch industry? It won’t come as much of a shock when the so called iWatch finally launches Apple into the wearable technology, where its competitors have nearly all started to carve out their own segments of the market. What will have people watching is whether or not Apple waited too long or will have been worth the wait. The wearable technology category is rapidly filling up with different types of products that can…

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