Mobile wallet once called Isis to become Softcard

isis mobile wallet softcard website

The joint venture smartphone payments service is working to distance itself from violent military group of the same name. The Isis mobile wallet application that is the result of a joint venture effort among three of the biggest wireless carrier companies in the United States has now announced that it is changing the name of the brand and the app to Softcard. This change is being made after a terrorist group – completely unrelated to the service – was nicknamed ISIS. The Isis mobile wallet is a brand that was…

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Mobile payments firm is rebranding itself to create distance from extremist group

Isis Mobile Payment Platform

Isis set to launch a rebrand in order to distance itself from controversial group in the Middle East Mobile payments firm Isis is launching a rebrand to distance itself from an extremist group that has emerged in the Middle East. The group is now known as the Islamic State, but had previously called itself the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS. Searching for the terms “isis” online yields numerous reports concerning the actions of the extremist group as well as the website for the mobile payments firm. New…

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Mobile payments technology is becoming mainstream

NFC Mobile Payments System

Mobile commerce technology is beginning to become more common with businesses Mobile commerce technology is beginning to enter the mainstream. This technology had once occupied the fringes of the retail industry and business in general, but is becoming more widely accepted as companies begin to understand how much consumers are relying on mobile technology. Many consumers are using their mobile devices in their daily lives, whether for entertainment or social purposes, and this trend is not likely to dissipate within the foreseeable future. If businesses do not engage mobile consumers,…

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NFC technology could be Isis’s shortfall

Best Buy chase pay qr code

Mobile payments are starting to change, already as 7-Eleven and Best Buy drop near field communication. Best Buy and 7-Eleven have now both announced that they will no longer be accepting mobile payments based on NFC technology at their cash registers, which is bad news for the Isis digital wallet. There are a number of different theories being produced to help to explain why this decision has been made. While some think that eliminating NFC technology at the checkout counters will help them to save themselves the extra cost associated…

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Mobile payments strategies are getting fierce

Google Wallet Mobile Payments

Google Wallet has just played a very important next move in its battle against rival Isis. The latest version of Android, KitKat, brought with it a new feature called Host Card Emulation (HCE), in the hopes of giving its Google Wallet a serious shot in the arm through the use of NFC technology. Now, that effort looks as though it might have been a very promising strategy as it has gained massive credit card provider support. Both Visa and MasterCard have now declared that they will be supporting HCE so…

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