Softcard packs in its mobile wallet

softcard mobile wallet

The struggling payments app announced its shutdown only days after selling its tech and intellectual property to Google. Only a few days after having announced that it would be selling all of its technology and intellectual property to Google, Softcard has now revealed that it will be shutting down, completely. This joint venture among Verizon Wireless, AT&T Mobility, and T-Mobile USA faced too many obstacles. The team at Softcard is now recommending that Android users who had enjoyed their mobile payments application should now make the move to the Google…

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Mobile wallet once called Isis to become Softcard

isis mobile wallet softcard website

The joint venture smartphone payments service is working to distance itself from violent military group of the same name. The Isis mobile wallet application that is the result of a joint venture effort among three of the biggest wireless carrier companies in the United States has now announced that it is changing the name of the brand and the app to Softcard. This change is being made after a terrorist group – completely unrelated to the service – was nicknamed ISIS. The Isis mobile wallet is a brand that was…

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Mobile wallet, Isis, works to rebrand to distance itself from militant group

Mobile Payments

While a new name has not been chosen for the service, it is on its way in coming months. The mobile wallet joint venture that is backed by Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T will soon be receiving a new name, as Isis is being rebranded now that an Islamic militant group has been labeled with the same name. The goal is to place a greater distance against the group responsible for violence against civilians in Iraq and Syria. The ISIS militant group has been linked to considerable sectarian violence against government…

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Mobile payments solution is getting ready for takeoff

Isis Mobile Payment Platform

This program, like all of the rest of the NFC technology based systems, have been slow to be adopted. Mobile payments providers are clearly becoming frustrated with the slow uptake among consumers and many – including Isis – are coming up with new solutions to help to boost their appeal even when it involves adopting new technologies. Isis is now getting ready to roll out the latest version of its own solution, by the end of the year. As we reported from Money 2020, there are a number of new…

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Mobile payments venture from Isis to go nationwide

isis mobile wallet

The joint venture among wireless companies has been extremely slow to get off the ground. The Isis mobile payments digital wallet, a joint venture among wireless giants T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon, has finally announced that it is ready to roll out its service nationwide, after having run long pilot programs in Salt Lake City, Utah, and Austin, Texas. The pilot program for Isis has run over a massive period of nine months within those two cities. According to the CEO of the mobile payments wallet venture, Michael Abbot, “Over the…

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