Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 rumored to be released sometime in the near future

Samsung Tablet Galaxy S4 - Samsung tablet device with Stylus

Picture leaks of the newest Samsung Android tablet reveal some of its possible specs. After two rounds of leaked pictures of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 surfaced on the Net, there has been a lot of buzz about the yet-to-be-released and highly anticipated Samsung tablet. Moreover, a recent report from SamMobile reveals that this new device could be a cut above the average Android tablet. The Galaxy Tab S4 has traded in the fingerprint scanner for an iris scanner. If you were hoping for a fingerprint scanner, the Samsung Galaxy…

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Smartwatch from FiDELYS to provide password free mobile security

FiDELYS smartwatch iritech

The wearable technology recognizes the wearer’s eyes to eliminate PINS and logins. There is a new smartwatch called FiDELYS that is now hitting the crowd funding world and that is designed to help mobile device users to be able to abandon the need to have to remember logins and PINs and passwords by using biometrics, instead. The device is used as an iris recognition scanner instead of just another notification gadget. The smartwatch product has been designed to provide wearers with freedom from the ever increasing problem of mobile security…

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