The challenges, hopes and technology of NFC

NFC Technology mobile commerce

So why has Apple taken the path of least resistance in NFC technology? Many have been asking this question as well as what is NFC technology and how will it affect me? NFC stands for Near Field Communication. It’s a feature that’s come under a lot of scrutiny over the past few years but is quickly emerging as the one piece of technology we simply cannot live without. Tap without Apps NFC enables us to use our phones to pay for products, to pick up information with a tap and to share…

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10 Things you must know about the iPhone 5

iphone5 mobile devices thinking about iPhone 6

The new iPhone 5 is causing a big stir with Apple and tech lovers alike. The awaited new smartphones is set to offer some fantastic features and pre-installed apps that will take the mobile phone to the next level. There has been a lot of hype about the next generation and the iPhone 5 from many in the tech world. Most of the rumors are just that and others mere speculation. This is natural because the future to come in the form of Apple products is exciting and eagerly awaited.  After analyzing the facts, the following…

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How Apple may give NFC the boost it needs in 2012

NFC Technology Mobile Payments Infrastructure

Although there is a tremendous amount of talk about smartphones that are enabled with near field communication (NFC), the actual market for the technology remains quite small. However, this is expected to change in 2012, if iPhone and Windows Phone 7 devices by Apple and Microsoft are released equipped with NFC technology. Some experts, such as those at Digitimes – which is predicting that those two manufacturers will be joining with Android, Blackberry, Symbian, and Bada in the NFC environment – have announced that after discussing the topic with smartphone…

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Apple may have plans to adopt NFC technology for iPhone 5

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Apple opted not to include NFC technology with their latest release of iPhone, but the technology company may have plans to do so with the iPhone 5 that is expected to launch next year. NFC technology has been gaining in popularity amongst the businesses of the world, namely for its ability to turn any smart phone into a payment device. Several technology and telecommunications companies, such as Google and Nokia, have invested heavily into NFC-powered mobile commerce, hoping that consumers will adopt a new way to pay for goods and…

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The reason Apple didn’t launch the iPhone 5


Apple’s long awaited device launch event last week was met with a powerful wave of disappointment as it turned out that the new release was the iPhone 4S, and not the expected iPhone 5. Though many people believe that Apple had made an important mistake in this decision, there was actually a reason that the iPhone 4S hit the markets first. Indeed, it is likely that if the iPhone 5 was released at the event, more devices would have been sold than with the iPhone 4S, as current iPhone 4…

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