Promotional goods with QR Codes

MagiCubes, a promotional goods manufacture, recently added QR Codes to all their products as a way of attracting more customers, and for the current ones to be more actively involved. Developed by PTI Corporation, MagiCubes are 3D advertisements in the form of puzzles that come in various shapes. These images are in excellent graphics wherein they can be changed into various shapes. Some are in quite simple ones like cubes which can be iconic or 20 sided diamond while others have more creative signs such as beer and soda cans. These…

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A mobile marketing giant!

The use of QR Codes has increased by 1200% according to Mobio who did a study for the months of July to December 2010. These figures show a massive increase in the importance of QR Codes, as they are now being utilized in advertisements, the internet, smartphones and other similar marketing uses.   QR Codes are actually barcodes but are in a two-dimensional (2D) matrix. However, these QR Codes can contain more information as compared to that of the traditional ones.  These  2d codes were introduced ten years ago in…

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A car buyers new best friend!

Auto Data Direct Inc., a Tallahassee based technology company that offers detailed vehicle histories and other information to shoppers, is now testing a new way to deliver their information through use of QR codes. The codes will be affixed to cars and trucks at participating dealerships and shoppers will be able to scan the codes to receive exhaustive auto histories straight to their phones. David Lloyd Charroin, owner of Capital City Imports, believes that QR codes could change the way people shop for new and used vehicles. He is currently…

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New York, New York!!

Michael Bloomberg, NewYork Mayor

New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, announced on Tuesday that all city building permits awarded in 2013 will be attributed with their own QR codes. The codes will be in place by the time more than 975,000 permits for buildings and construction sites will expire. They will be added to the permits and will also be used for after-hours variances and Place of Assembly certificates of operation. New Yorkers that scan the codes with their smart phones can learn about the details of upcoming and currently ongoing projects. They will…

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QuickMark’s new 2d app for Mac

Screenshot of QuickMark App at Mac Store

The new QuickMark now allows two-dimensional tags for the Mac OS X that can be bought for only $2.99 at the Mac App Store. The 2D tag enables the Mac to easily decipher URLs, location coordinates, address cards and plain texts. For the recently released QuickMark, it has a Quick Code format and is able to read both QR Code and Data Matrix, which are the standard 2D codes. Recently, the use of 2D codes has become very popular. They can now be found not only in the Internet but…

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