Next iPhone may be equipped with NFC technology

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NFC technology could be features in next generation iPhone New rumors have already begun to circulate concerning the next iteration of Apple’s popular iPhone. The iPhone 5 was released in September 2012 and production on the iPhone 5S is expected to begin in the coming weeks. Despite the fact that the smartphone is still fresh to the market, Apple may already have plans to develop a powerful new iPhone that will take the popular brand into a new generation. This time, the smartphone may actually include NFC technology. Rumors point…

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NFC technology steps taken by Apple, again, with Passbook patent

Apple NFC Technology Trends mobile payments

The mobile device manufacturer is making moves that indicate that near field communication is coming. Though Apple shocked many with the release of an NFC technology free version of its iPhone 5, it has been making regular moves toward the adoption of the technique through acquisitions, and now a recent patent application. The approach that Apple has shown toward near field communication, so far, has been comparatively slow. This has not only left the NFC technology world feeling uncertain about its future and has delayed its mainstream acceptance and use,…

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Apple debuts iPhone 5

iphone 5

iPhone 5 officially announced by Apple Apple has officially announced its iPhone 5. For months, rumors have raged throughout the Internet regarding the mobile device and its capabilities. Many of these rumors hinted at the device would be equipped with NFC technology. These rumors were largely based on information concerning the Passbook application, which is to be a significant feature of the iOS 6 operating system, as well as leaked photographs showing the construction of the mobile device. Apple has revealed at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in…

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Apple may have plans to adopt NFC technology for iPhone 5

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Apple opted not to include NFC technology with their latest release of iPhone, but the technology company may have plans to do so with the iPhone 5 that is expected to launch next year. NFC technology has been gaining in popularity amongst the businesses of the world, namely for its ability to turn any smart phone into a payment device. Several technology and telecommunications companies, such as Google and Nokia, have invested heavily into NFC-powered mobile commerce, hoping that consumers will adopt a new way to pay for goods and…

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