Mobile payments may be waiting for iPhones before they take off

Apple iphone mobile payments

Industry experts think that the market may not fulfill its potential until Apple fully joins in. Although it is expected that 2012 will have seen an increase of 70 percent in the mobile payments marketplace by its close, it is also believed that the rate of growth will be significantly higher when Apple makes its way into the mix. By the year 2016, it is predicted that the global volume will have reached over 400 million. New players are constantly making their way into the mobile payments environment, with mcommerce…

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Visa teams with RBS to launch TouchPay mobile commerce platform

Mobile Commerce

iPhone may be able to participate in mobile commerce after all Apple fans are not likely to see the iPhone make its entry into the mobile commerce field any time soon. Those interested in mobile commerce held high hopes that the iPhone 5 would signify Apple’s entry into the industry and spark some innovation in the field of NFC technology. Though Apple has revealed that the next iteration of its smart phone will not include NFC technology, there is still hope that iPhone users will be able to participate in…

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Mobile payments using NFC to become possible in iPhones

TouchPay iphone mobile payments

Though the technology was notably lacking in the latest release, it hasn’t held back RBS and NatWest. Despite the fact that the iPhone 5 was released without an NFC chip, this omission hasn’t stopped RBS and NatWest from coming up with a way to step around the issue and provide mobile payments based on the technology. A protective cover with built-in near field communication technology that fits iPhone 5, 4, and 4s is their solution. The technology is among the most controversial of the omissions from the latest iPhone released…

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Mobile payments launched by Groupon

Groupon Mobile commerce

The group buying program company has just announced its entry into the market. Groupon Inc. has revealed its first steps into the mobile payments marketplace as it launched its Groupon Payments service, which allows companies to accept credit card transactions from users of the iPod Touch or iPhone. While the system is compatible with virtually any credit card, it is concentrating on Groupon deals. The program is also allowing other companies to use the mobile payments service as a part of pilot programs, but it is charging rates at a…

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Mobile payments standard not included in iPhone 5

iphone mobile payments NFC technology

NFC has not made its way into the latest Apple device, causing many to question the technology. Near field communication technology (NFC) has already been facing a great deal of struggle to get started, and now this would-be standard for mobile payments has taken another blow with the announcement that the chips are not embedded into the iPhone 5. Now, the prospect of using smartphones as wallets is becoming more heavily questioned. Advocates of NFC had high hopes that Apple would give its endorsement. They were greatly disappointed, though, when…

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