Visa teams with RBS to launch TouchPay mobile commerce platform

Mobile Commerce

iPhone may be able to participate in mobile commerce after all Apple fans are not likely to see the iPhone make its entry into the mobile commerce field any time soon. Those interested in mobile commerce held high hopes that the iPhone 5 would signify Apple’s entry into the industry and spark some innovation in the field of NFC technology. Though Apple has revealed that the next iteration of its smart phone will not include NFC technology, there is still hope that iPhone users will be able to participate in…

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iPhone 4S may not have NFC, but it has Bluetooth 4.0

iphone 4s Bluetooth

Many had expected that the latest version of the iPhone, the 4S, would be enabled with near field communication (NFC) technology, and while that was absent from the release, what was included was Bluetooth 4.0 integration which made it the first smartphone on the market with this enhancement. Bluetooth 4.0 is comparable to NFC in many ways, and was first integrated into the MacBook Air, allowing for communication among devices with a lower energy use than was required by previous versions of the technology. It allows the manufacturers of devices…

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Survey shows that the upcoming Apple iPhone 5’s demand is ‘unprecedented’

iphone users

A recent survey performed by RBC/ChangeWave has determined that the demand for the iPhone 5, which will soon be released by Apple, is “unprecedented”, as 31 percent of its participants stated that they will probably purchase the handset once it becomes available. Analyst Mike Abramsky released the survey results, which involved the participation of 2,200 participants who responded between August 2 and August 10, 2011. It found that the pre-launch demand for the iPhone 5 is even greater than that of the iPhone 4, according to a similar survey that…

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Experts make their predictions regarding the future of the iPad

ipad News

As Apple is never overly forthcoming as to what it has up its sleeves for future versions of its products, experts are already making their predictions as to what will be included in the upcoming devices.  Though there is some consensus about some of the features that will be included, others features are more dependent on the availability of upcoming new technologies within the next year and a half before the decision can be made as to whether or not they will be a part of the next iPads. Primarily,…

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