Report shows iOS devices lead UK mobile shopping online

iphone users

A report produced by a commerce website designing and building company, BaseKit, has shown that though iPhone and iPad owners are those that are most likely to make a purchase using their mobile devices, very few people in the country actually shop on their tablets, and an even smaller number do so from smartphones. In fact, the report showed that among tablet owning Brits, only 4 percent shop from the device, and that number is even lower for those who own smartphones. BaseKit’s response to this data was to say…

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Tablet Commerce best practices announced by Alexander Interactive report

Tablet Commerce

The invention of the iPad and the popularity of it and other tablet computers has enticed online retailers to the point that they are now looking into the potential and restrictions offered by those mobile devices. As merchants examine the way that the near future will appear when 50.7 million American adults are tablet users (according to estimates from Forrester Research), Alexander Interactive T-Commerce Report has been produced in order to provide an evaluation of the top online retailers and the quality of the user experience that they provide The…

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Tablets encourage users to make a purchase

Tablet t-Commerce

A number of newly upgraded e-readers and tablets have now become available to consumers and the users of these devices are proving to be dedicated shoppers; a fact that is not escaping many retailers. As the base models of each of the different devices begin to offer consumers a growing number of shopping-friendly features, retailers are beginning to place their holiday shopping focus on tablets this holiday season, much more than they ever have before. This is because the conversion rate – that is, the number of shoppers who actually…

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