Tablet commerce could soon be led by a much larger device

ipad mini tablet commerce

Speculations are flying about an iPad to launch in 2015 with a massive 12.9 inch screen. At the same time that the world is closely watching Apple’s movements just ahead of its September 9 event date in which it is expected to launch the iPhone 6 and possibly even a smartwatch (currently known as the iTime or the iWatch), speculations are also circulating about the impact that the company could make on tablet commerce in 2015. Technology news reports are circulating with regard to preparations for a very large iPad…

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iPad Pro – who needs it?

Night Shift touchscreen Apple ipad

There’re have been a lot of rumors around the Internet lately… about a new “big” Apple tablet, which is due to be released in the second half of 2014. Some insiders state that the production of 13” screens for iPad Pro (a codename for a new Apple device) has already started. If this is true, then we can conclude that Apple indeed has something in mind. Some people already start thinking about the technical characteristics a new device will have. But in my opinion, even more important question is who…

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Would a mini iPad make any difference to mobile commerce?

new iphone apple mobile security

Rumors of a smaller, 7 inch display are mounting as retailers and consumers wonder what Apple will offer next. If there’s one thing that can be said about Apple, it’s that it never provides much information – if any at all – about its mobile commerce strategies, meaning that it is always surrounded by rumors. The latest predictions about its offerings are about a mini iPad version, and they are refusing to go away. This product forecast has come to the point that the industry is fairly certain that the…

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