Guardian teams with Blippar to create augmented reality advertisement

augmented reality marketing

Guardian iPad edition to feature augmented reality ad Guardian News & Media, the largest mass media company in the United Kingdom, has announced that the digital version of its popular Guardian publication will feature its first augmented reality advertisement. Augmented reality has been growing in popularity in the print world because of its aptitude for promoting interactivity. The Guardian believes that the technology could be a good way to boost interest in its news publications. To this end, the company has decided to test augmented reality advertisements in its digital…

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Augmented reality app makes adbusting a legal and viable way to make art

Augmented Reality

Adbusting is a growing trend in the Eastern and Western U.S. Adbusting, also known as culture jamming, sees artists coming together to change existing advertisements with works of art. These works often hold some cultural commentary and are seen as vandalism in large cities. For some artists, the issue of vandalism can be quite the deterrent. As such, artists have begun using augmented reality as a way to carry out their adbusting goals. The Public Ad Campaign, a group of New York-based artists that considers all advertisements to be public…

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Macy’s takes a new approach to shopping online with the help of augmented reality

Macy Virtual Dressing Room

When shopping for clothes online, it can be tricky to find the right fit. Retailers do well to show how their clothes fit on models, but this often presents a less-than-accurate representation of the average consumer. Macy’s is taking a new approach to this by adopting augmented reality. Augmented reality has been used by retailers in the past to present consumers with a virtual fitting room, allowing them to try on digital clothing. Macy’s new AR system will help consumers find the best fit for their body and the company…

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Volkswagen augmented reality marketing campaign a resounding success!

Volkswagen recently launched a new marketing campaign which was completely centered around augmented reality. The automaker has shown remarkable prowess with online and interactive technologies in the past, and their latest venture into the realm of augmented reality only proves their mastery of the medium. This past July, the automaker introduced their AR advertisements to consumers through several magazines. The advertisement could be removed from the magazine and used to launch an augmented reality program that would allow users to participate in a virtual race. Participants were put inside one…

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iPad apps provide free helpful cancer information

Cancer Mobile App

A cancer diagnosis can be terrifying, and the ability to obtain information in order to better understand what it is, what treatments and support are available, and how to better cope as the patient or a loved one, can make all the difference. This is how some apps designed for the Apple iPad are hoping to help. A guide to the American Society of Clinical Oncology’s 120 forms of cancer is only one of the services available through the Mobile app. It is a free application that provides useful…

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Domino’s Pizza adds iPad app to boost sales

Dominos ipad App

Domino’s Pizza has announced that they will be making the ordering process much easier for mobile device owners through their new iPad app that allows their customers to order and customize their favorite pizzas. The app allows U.S. and U.K. customers make their order no matter where they are, as long as they have their iPad device handy. It was developed by Somo. According to the Domino’s Pizza multimedia manager in Bedford, England, Nick Dutch, as the orders being made online were beginning to represent an increasing percentage of overall…

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iPad Google Catalog app released to kick start tablet commerce

Tablet Commerce

Google has announced the availability of the new Google Catalogs app, which is a free app that allows iPad shoppers to obtain a digital version of the glossy paper catalogs that consumers are accustomed to receiving in the mail. The app includes popular catalogs such as the Pottery Barn, Williams-Sonoma, Lands’ End, L.L. Bean, Crate and Barrel, and others. Though the app is currently only available to users of iPad devices, a version compatible with Android tablets will also soon be released. According to Abigail Holtz, the product manager for…

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Tablets may lead the way into the future of m-commerce


Though tablets currently represent only 9 percent of the mobile commerce (m-commerce) marketplace, experts who are carefully watching mobile shopping trends are starting to believe that tablet commerce (t-commerce) may be the future for online retailers. One of the main reasons that industry experts are starting to look toward the tablet devices as the future leader of mobile commerce is that the consumers themselves are saying that they prefer the tablet shopping experience to that available on their smartphones. Moreover, while smartphones may be exceptionally popular, the ownership of tablet…

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Londinium: Bringing Roman London to life through the use of augmented reality

London Museum

Two millennia have passed since the glory days of the expansive Roman Empire, yet the civilization has lost none of its intrigue. For centuries, archeologists have been discovering ancient artifacts from the height of the Empire in places that were least expected. In recent years, the discovery that the Romans has spread as far as Britain shook previous theories about the reach of the Empire to their core. Indeed, London was once a territory of the Empire, and now the Museum of London is looking to breathe new life into…

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