Internet of things commerce may be the next thing, finally

Internet of Things Commerce

The IoT is coming to the m-commerce experience and could offer a great deal to consumers. Internet of Things commerce is a concept that has been dancing around ahead of us for some time now. Science fiction movies have predicted it. Tech specialists have insisted that we’re on the edge of it. Now, it may finally be on its way. Even if it isn’t here quite yet, it does offer a considerable opportunity for consumers to enjoy. A recently released report indicates that connected devices used for Internet of Things…

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UK iBeacon Startup Linktagger joins Uber Paypal and HP at Europe’s biggest Hackathon

UK Based Internet of Things startup Linktagger have been chosen as API providers to the largest Hackathon in Europe along side companies such as Uber, Paypal, HP and Alcatel. Linktagger will provide teams of hackers across Europe with access to its Physical Web platform. Connecting physical objects to the Internet using unique URL’s, hackers can deploy iBeacon and NFC tags as physical gateways to online content, services and create real world automation. Linktagger founder Liam Winder said “Its fantastic to be chosen to represent UK tech startups in the Hack4Europe…

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