Mobile commerce focus placed on Android and iOS

Apple vs Android mobile marketing

A survey has shown that there has been a push by developers to focus on those two operating systems. According to a survey that was conducted jointly by IDC and Appcelerator, developers have been maintaining a focus on Android and iOS as the industry continues to take bigger steps into mobile commerce. These two companies are now anticipating a massive explosion of the channel. Based on their survey results, the companies feel that mobile commerce is not only set to take off, but that it will transform the way that…

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Mobile commerce share from iOS devices is 80 percent

Mobile Commerce Traffic

Apple devices make up the majority of all wireless online spending . The time has arrived that smartphones and tablets have become mainstream products, and people are using them for a growing number of daily activities, including shopping using mobile commerce websites. The more shoppers use these devices to make their purchases, the more Apple seems to take the lead. This is an important consideration as one of the most defining holiday shopping seasons for mobile commerce begins to take its very first steps. It is believed that approximately one…

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