Free mobile internet from Facebook to expand

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The social network will be increasing the service in order to increase its usage. Facebook has recently revealed that it has plans to broaden its free mobile internet service following the unveiling of its application in 17 different developing nation over the course of the last year. This was announced by way of a blog post that was made by an executive at Facebook. The company stated that it would be opening a new portal that would allow any mobile operator to offer this mobile internet service under the Facebook…

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Facebook makes technology news by welcoming developers to

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The social network giant has proceeded with the project despite considerable controversy over net neutrality. Amid a sea of protests and accusations from activists, Facebook Inc. is making technology news headlines with its launch of its platform for developers as of this week, so that they will be able to begin the creation of new websites and apps. The platform has been designed to provide internet access to individuals in emerging markets who wouldn’t otherwise have it. Among those who will be targeted by Facebook in this technology news…

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Mobile app from Facebook offers Zambia “free basic” internet

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This is only the beginning of what is meant to be a wider rollout that will include more countries in the future. Facebook has now announced that its latest mobile app, which is available in only one country through one wireless operator – is now taking on a unique strategy to grow the social network in the developing world, by providing free internet access. The company has now launched an app which will provide free basic internet to users. The mobile app is compatible with Android devices that run…

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