Mobile commerce explosion driven by consumers in Singapore

Singapore mobile commerce shopping concerns

Retailers within that country are finding that it is the fastest growing market for smartphone shopping. Though mobile commerce is beginning to take off just about everywhere around the world, it is the shoppers in Singapore that appear to be driving the boom and sending it forward at breakneck speeds. Retailers are reporting tremendous successes specifically from that country’s consumers. Singapore shoppers appear to have heavily embraced mobile commerce and are using it to make purchases of everything from electronics to fashion and groceries. Asian women’s clothing retailer, Qoo10, is…

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Mcommerce in Malaysia is on its way to $1.1 billion in three years

Malaysia Mcommerce trends

Prime minister of the country, Najib Razak says the results by 2015 are because of “upwardly mobile” citizens. The mcommerce sector in Malaysia is now being recognized as one of the fastest growing mobile environment, and the country is crediting its Digital Malaysia initiative for this speedy increase. By 2015, Malaysia is expecting the mobile sector to have generated $1.1 billion (3.4 billion ringgit). Malaysia is a country that has openly accepted mobile, and where a significant percentage of the population is already carrying smartphone and tablet devices. Prime Minister…

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European Commission to determine whether mobile commerce project from the UK can proceed

M-Commerce Industry

Regulators with the European Commission, the legislative arm of the European Union, are determining whether to grant approval for a mobile commerce project from the United Kingdom. The project has been dubbed “Project Oscar” and is a joint venture amongst three of the UK’s largest telecommunications companies: Everything Everywhere, O2, and Vodafone U.K. The project seeks to promote mobile commerce through the spreading of NFC technology and mobile devices. The companies also want to build a system that would store the financial information of consumers so that this information is…

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Connecthings expects to see the end of QR codes to come at the hands of NFC tags

QR Codes vs. NFC mobie marketing

Connecthings, a company specializing in NFC-based services and analysis, believes that NFC tags will, one day, be the end of QR codes. Many companies interested in mobile marketing have made similar claims in the past, but such predictions have yet to come true. According to Connecthings, however, more consumers are using NFC tags than QR codes. The France-based firm has distributed more than 24,000 NFC tags throughout Europe and has found that they are quite popular with consumers with smart phones. The firm claims that consumers with NFC-enabled smart phones…

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Over 40 percent of European mobile phones are smartphones

NFC Technology in transportation - Mobile Payments London

Research firm, comScore Inc., has released a new report that has shown that 42 percent of mobile phone users in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy are smartphone owners. This same research also showed that 6.6 percent of the owners of smartphones also have tablet devices. The largest portion of mobile device owners have products running on the Apple iOS operating system, including the iPad, iPhone, and the iPod Touch. comScore’s data states that the market share is divided as follows: 30 percent for Apple, 27 percent with…

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