NFC technology expected to have major impact in mobile marketing

Mobile Commerce - NFC

Advertisers continue to experiment with interactive technology The advertising industry has long been on the cutting edge of consumer engagement. The industry has been keenly attuned to the development of interactive technologies that would allow them to reach out to consumers more effectively. In the past, several of these technologies have produced modest results. Advertisers found a great deal of success in the advent of QR codes, which successfully exposed a wider demographic of consumers to the concept of mobile marketing. Now, NFC technology may be poised to change the…

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NFC and QR codes to help mobile marketing grow to new heights

Mobile Marketing

  Interactive mobile marketing is becoming more important as consumers grow more mobile. Smart phones and other such devices have enabled people to enjoy a constant connection to the Internet no matter where they may be in the world. Because consumers are becoming less sedentary, static marketing may no longer be the best options for companies launching new marketing campaigns. Attention is being drawn to technologies like NFC and QR codes, but some companies believe that these are nothing more than a novelty. A new report from Smith’s Point Analytics,…

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Interactive packaging beginning to gain momentum in the world of business

QR Codes Used on Packages

The advance of technology brings many changes to the various industries of the world. Emerging marketing techniques centered on the mobile industry have come to redefine advertising as a whole. With the advent of these new marketing strategies, consumers have come to expect more interactive forms of advertising. QR codes are playing a vital role in delivering dynamic content to consumers, and the marketing industry may be on the verge of and interactive explosion, according to Datamonitor, a leading independent market analysis firm. More companies have been making use of…

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QR coded talking heads make their way to Thailand in new marketing campaign from Trident Gum

Trident QR Code Campaign

“Talking Heads” is a term most often used in reference to political figures and news broadcasters. In the world of marketing, it means a new way to engage consumers with QR codes. It started with Victor Petit, an art direction and multimedia graduate from Sup de Pub ins France. When applying for jobs after graduation, Petit plastered his face on resume and cut out a box where his mouth should be. In its place was a QR code, which could be scanned to activate a video in which Petit would…

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SapientNitro looks to help smokers quit by showing them their own damaged lungs

AR App for Smokers

SapientNitro, an interactive marketing and creative design firm, has been working on a new augmented reality application that helps smokers see what is at work in their bodies. The app is designed to help smokers quit by showing them the damage they are doing to their lungs. Augmented reality would serve this purpose well, as the technology allows for interactive displays of information that can be made aesthetically striking. The app, called AR Lungs, may be the next tool used for smoking cessation. The app displays a medically accurate set…

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