Disney patent details new augmented reality system

Augmented Reality Cakes

Disney showing more interest in augmented reality Disney is, once again, showing its keen interest in augmented reality technology. A recent patent application from the acclaimed company has been released, detailing Disney’s new augmented reality initiative, which targets food as a major platform. According to the patent, Disney aims to paint interactive movies and imagery on edible products, making consumption a more engaging activity for anyone using the system. Such a system could transform events, such as birthdays, into more dynamic spectacles. New augmented reality system would be based on…

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Augmented reality transforms Angry Birds

Augmented Reality Video

PendAR working to pioneer augmented reality gaming Augmented reality games are becoming a craze as more developers show interest in the technology. These interactive games are not being pioneered by giant developers like Sony or Microsoft, however, small developers, sometimes comprised of a single person, are leading the charge in augmented reality games. PendAR is one such developer. The company, which specializes in augmented reality, has brought the technology to one of the world’s most popular mobile games: Angry Birds. Angry Birds gets a 3D upgrade Angry Birds has provided…

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