Augmented reality is saturating the world of art with new initiative from Yiying Lu

Yiying Lu

Yiying Lu, an acclaimed digital artist based in Sydney, Australia, has unveiled her latest foray into the world of tech-powered art. Lu’s latest project seeks to spread the prevalence of interactive art. She believes that interactivity is the future of all artistic endeavors and will allow people to experience incredible masterpieces in a new way. Lu has worked with QR codes in the past, designing a number of fashion-related sketches that have been used in magazines. The project will be part of Lu’e Walls 360 company, which specializes in custom…

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QR codes bring history to life in Washington Township, New Jersey

QR Codes used at Historical Sites

QR codes can make marketing much more engaging than traditional static imagery, but the codes can also be used to bring a little bit of the past to life. Such is the case in the Old Stone Village in Washington Township, New Jersey. The famed site is steeped in history and culture and soon visitors to the site will be able to take guided virtual tours by scanning QR codes. Yet again, technology seeks to revitalize the past. The idea comes from Chris Del Borello, president of the Washington Township…

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