These QR Codes Will Last For Millions Of Years

QR Codes holding history

Stone tablets, cave drawings, and ancient scrolls are all we have left of many of the civilizations that came before us. Through these rudimentary mediums, our ancestors are able to speak directly to us–sharing their knowledge, their values, and details about their everyday lives. But not all tablets, pictographs, and scrolls survived. And each one that has been lost equates to information that we will never know. So how can we preserve our knowledge for those that come after us? Many of us erroneously entrust our histories to our computer…

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SOPA and PIPA battle drives onward following blackout protest on Wikipedia website

Wikipedia SOPA 2012 Blackout

The Wikipedia website blackout that occurred on Wednesday to protest SOPA/PIPA drew a tremendous amount of traffic to the website, and informed millions of people about the proposed legislation regarding copyrights and internet content. Throughout the 24 hour self-imposed blackout of the English content on Wikipedia, there were over 162 views of the homepage alone. In excess of 8 million people used that page to look up the contact information of their elected representatives from that page, using a tool that was provided. This brought about a swamping of the…

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Apple versus Samsung suit is riddled with hidden battles

Mobile Commerce News

The top tech industry legal battle is currently underway in a Silicon Valley federal court, as Apple attempts to halt Samsung from being able to sell its Galaxy tablet computers and smartphones within the United States. The suit was filed by Apple back in April 2011, and claims that Samsung “slavishly” took Apple’s iPhone and iPad designs and used them. Though the entire world is interested in the outcome of this case, the proceedings have primarily gone on behind closed doors, with the majority of the court papers being sealed…

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Google’s acquisition of Motorola may sour its Android deals

Google News

Google has recently purchased Motorola for $12.5 billion in order to obtain a greater amount of intellectual property; however, experts are wondering if this will make its Android partners feel as though it is more competition and less of an ally. According to Google, the Motorola company will maintain its function as a separate organization. However, other manufacturers of handsets such as HTC and Samsung Electronics may still see this as a form of competitive threat. Analyst Michael Gartenberg from Gartner explained that no matter how Google describes its relationship…

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