Mobile technology and social media gives insurance customers improved options and customer service

Insurance News

According to PwC’s recent report “Top Issues: The Insurance Industry in 2012” while last year was the year of retrenchment, this year is going to be the year of the consumer, with a significant focus on improvements to the customer experience including efforts made using mobile technology and social media. The insurance news report stated that companies are using these techniques, in order to make themselves more appealing to customers and have themselves stand out from their competitors in order to broaden their share of the global market. It indicated…

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Fidelity Investments launches iOS and Android mobile app for health and insurance

Fidelity Health and Insurance Mobile App

Fidelity Investments has announced the release of its Fidelity Health & Insurance mobile app, which is a new and unique resource available to the company’s almost 1.2 million health and welfare customers, so that they can achieve improved health benefits navigation while they’re on the go. The app is currently available for download into the mobile browsers of eligible workplace participants with an Android smartphone, an iPhone, or an iPod Touch. The release is only the most recent among a series of advancements that Fidelity is making in mobile which…

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Whitepaper analyzes use of mobile solutions for cost and risk control by insurance sector

Mobile Commerce

Frost & Sullivan has released a whitepaper called “Using Mobile Solutions to Improve Insurance Sector Performance”, which looked into the way the insurance sector uses mobile solutions to help to control their risk and costs, while boosting their revenue. American insurers are still struggling with the uncertain future ahead of them. As significant changes to regulations continue to come into effect while standing on the foundation of an economy that has not yet recovered, increasing demands from consumers persist. This complex atmosphere of challenges can make the situation quite trying…

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