Instagram slapped with $400 million fine for weak kids’ data privacy

Data privacy Investigation - Instagram Logo

The Meta-owned social media platform was hit with a record fine from Ireland’s regulator. Regulators in Ireland have agreed to hit Instagram with a record fine of $402 million (€405 million) following an investigation into the way the social media platform handled children’s data privacy. A spokesperson for the watchdog group said that the investigation started back in 2020. According to recent reports, Instagram has every intention of appealing against the data privacy fine, citing a Meta spokesperson in a statement issued by email. The watchdog launched the investigation into…

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More paid features slated for Meta apps

Meta apps - Facebook and Instagram logos

Facebook and Instagram are among the applications that are lining up for additional premium features. A newly established team focused on Meta apps are getting ready to identify and build “possible paid features”, including Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, according to an internal memo issued to the company’s employees last week that was cited in a The Verge report. The new division of the company is its first step into the development of paid social media features. The company’s social media platforms have billions of active users. That said, the Meta…

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Gen Z prefers TikTok and Instagram to Google Search

Google Search via mobile phone

The tech giant is starting to feel the pinch of the generation’s trend toward social media searching. Google Search internal data has found that about 40 percent of Gen Z is using social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram for searching. Gen Z is more likely to head to a social media platform than a search engine to answer a question. A recent report published by Insider stated that Google is now feeling the pain from this growing Gen Z trend of using TikTok and Instagram for searching instead…

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Instagram implements product tagging in US posts

Product tagging - IG post

The new feature means that accounts no longer need to be for businesses or creators to add the links. Instagram has announced that it has opened its product tagging feature for all users posting in the United States. That means that it isn’t only be business or creator accounts that can use the feature. According to Instagram, the feature is going to be rolling out to everyone “over the next few months.” This will turn Instagram into a platform in which every post can be turned into something shoppable and…

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