Mobile commerce will reach 1 billion shoppers in 3 years

mobile commerce trends

By the year 2016, a recent research report has indicated that the number or people m-buying will break the mark. Aligning with other mobile commerce research that has recently been presented to and by the industry, the results of a new analysis have now indicated that there will be over a billion shoppers choosing this channel by 2016, and retailers are recognizing this at a rapid pace. This has caused many retailers – large and small – to focus on the marketplace over smartphones and tablets. Many very well recognized…

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Augmented reality applications beginning to grow in popularity

Augmented Reality

Informa study finds that augmented reality applications are gaining traction around the world The mobile market is becoming more saturated with augmented reality applications. The demand for the applications is the key reason behind this trend. As more consumers become enamored with augmented reality technology, they are looking for more ways to make use of the technology in their lives. A new study from Informa, a global market research firm, shows that the demand for augmented reality applications is beginning to have a profound influence on the mobile technology market…

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