Windows Phone 8 may be equipped with City Lens

Windows Phone 8

Leaked information points to augmented reality in Windows Phone 8 A tide of information has been leaked recently concerning new mobile technology coming from Nokia. The famed IT company seems to have a variety of new gadgets under development, including a charging station that will power mobile devices without the use of wires. One of the more popular pieces of information that has been leaked recently is the possibility of the new Windows Phone 8 having inherent augmented reality capabilities. According to this information, the Windows Phone 8 may come…

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A fresh look at Nokia

  Nokia has created a new application for their phones called the “Sleeping Screen”. It can give onscreen notifications for missed calls, texts, reminders and many other functions.  The sleeping screen features beautiful images, clear icons and animations, all in low resolution so it doesn’t compromise the battery life of the phone. The new application has nine different settings that change images every minute. One of the settings changes the screen saver clock into tiny low resolution dots that portrays the time and changes as the time does; it can…

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