Pinterest QR code rolls out to help users learn about everything around them

pinterest qr code

The image based social network’s quick response code could be handy for shoppers while in-store. A new version of a Pinterest QR code is rolling out for the social network’s users to inform themselves while they’re shopping. The barcode is designed to be used by consumers as they walk through a store in real life. The goal is to let Pinterest users access more product information by way of their accounts. The Pinterest QR code feature should help to improve the seamlessness of the effort to gain additional information about…

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Mobile product searches lead to more purchases in-store

Mobile product searches

A new report indicates that consumers that smartphone based product searches are affecting their shopping decisions. Yieldbot recently conducted a study with Kantar Retail showing that consumers use mobile product searches to make in-store shopping decisions. The study underscored the influence of smartphones on the decisions shoppers make in-store. The research indicated that while word of mouth advertising from friends and family remains the top influencer when it comes to purchasing decisions, mobile product searches are increasingly influential. This implies that the impact of mobile marketing is also rising in…

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The impact of multichannel commerce on brick and mortar and online shops

Consumer Shopping Trends

Multichannel commerce has now arrived and has a firm foothold in the mainstream shopping experience of consumers, allowing them to use various types of devices to assist them in their purchasing decisions and processes. Customers aren’t just heading out to the nearest store in order to buy the products and services that they want, but they are also including the use of devices at home and work, such as desktops and laptops, as well as mobile devices no matter where they are – including in-store, such as smartphones and tablets.…

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Target makes moves to take advantage of mobile consumers

Target Store mobile shopping qr codes

Mobile phones are offering consumers a large number of shopping options from checking prices to making the purchases themselves, and Target is taking a significant step forward to help to make sure that this doesn’t cause its customers to head elsewhere to buy their products. Target has announced to its vendors that it is taking aim at attractive in-store purchase incentives in order to keep consumers away from common mobile apps such as price checkers that can drive customers that have already made it inside their walls, right out the…

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