Study finds over half of consumers use retail mobile apps when shopping in-store

retail mobile apps - woman on mobile phone

Consumers are using their mobile devices to enhance their in-store shopping experiences. A new study from Yes Marketing has found that 57% of consumers surveyed used retail mobile apps while shopping in-store. Consumers used the retailer’s app to locate items that were on sale, to redeem coupons, etc. The results of the study suggest that retailers need to focus on delivering a multichannel experience to consumers. According to Yes Marketing, the discovery made in its “Surviving the Retail Apocalypse” report indicates that the industry has reached a tipping point in…

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Walmart scan-and-go shopping ended as customers disinterested in in-store m-commerce

Walmart scan-and-go - Mobile Commerce - mobile shopping

The retailer has shut down the program as shoppers failed to embrace the mobile tech based experience. The Walmart scan-and-go shopping has been abandoned by the retailer at its U.S. stores. Customers simply did not embrace the technology. It was designed to help them to save time in-store by skipping the checkout through the use of mobile commerce. The concept was supposed to let people use m-commerce tech to scan their own items and pay. Walmart scan-and-go was designed to let people use their smartphones to scan item barcodes as…

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In store mobile commerce becoming increasingly desirable to consumers

mobile commerce shopping

Shoppers are looking for the ability to use their smartphones while in brick and mortar stores. A new survey from International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) illustrates the appeal of in store mobile commerce to today’s consumers. Increasingly, shoppers are looking for the chance to use their smartphones, even while they shop in brick and mortar locations. The mobile shopping experience brings an additional level of personalization and information. As a result, consumers are looking to use those devices to further what they know about a product, brand or shop…

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Mobile commerce platform from Swirl to reinvent in-store experience

Swirl mobile app

Shopping at brick and mortar locations may undergo a revolutionary change. Swirl has now launched a new form of mobile commerce platform that brings the technologies of smartphones, social, and web together in order to improve the shopping experience offline. Offline purchasing still makes up over 90 percent of retail sales. By combining in-store shopping with the mobile commerce experience, it enhances one with the other for an improved overall engagement for a greater likelihood of shopping, and of larger overall purchases. According to Hilmi Ozguc, the CEO and founder…

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Target makes moves to take advantage of mobile consumers

Target Store mobile shopping qr codes

Mobile phones are offering consumers a large number of shopping options from checking prices to making the purchases themselves, and Target is taking a significant step forward to help to make sure that this doesn’t cause its customers to head elsewhere to buy their products. Target has announced to its vendors that it is taking aim at attractive in-store purchase incentives in order to keep consumers away from common mobile apps such as price checkers that can drive customers that have already made it inside their walls, right out the…

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