Mobile marketing tests start for Yahoo in-app ads

Yahoo Headquarters mobile marketing

In the hopes of jumpstarting its m-business, the company is reportedly working on new advertising in its application. In an effort to try to give its mobile marketing business a shot in the arm in a similar way to what Facebook has recently accomplished, Yahoo has started to test new in-app ads that can be clicked by device users in order to conveniently install an application onto the smartphone or tablet they are using. This move looks quite similar to the mobile app install ads from Facebook, though there are…

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Getting to know the basics of mobile analytics

Mobile Marketing Analytics

As mobile marketing increases in popularity and the various techniques available become more numerous, it becomes increasingly important for businesses to be able to implement effective mobile analytics, and understand what they mean in terms of the successes and failures of a certain campaign and how that information can be applied to improve the results of future campaigns. The term “mobile analytics” itself refers to the various types of solutions and metrics that can be applied to mobile marketing efforts, for example, QR codes, SMS messaging, smartphone web data, and…

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