Pinterest QR code scanner added to Lens object recognition feature

pinterest qr code

The mobile technology can now detect and scan a quick response code automatically. The new Pinterest QR code scanner as a part of the Lens object recognition feature has changed what the popular app is capable of accomplishing. QR codes have become a regular part of some of the top sharing and social mobile apps. The Pinterest QR code scanner function is hardly unique to mobile apps, though it is interesting that it has been worked into the application’s overall image recognition function. Recently, Facebook Messenger, Kik, Spotify and Snapchat,…

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Xcel Brands brings augmented reality to Isaac Mizrahi

Mobile Commerce

Xcel and Aurasma give Isaac Mizrahi a high tech upgrade Xcel Brands, a leading multichannel retail and marketing organization, acquired the Isaac Mizrahi fashion brand last September and is now looking to put a high-tech twist on it by introducing augmented reality. The organization has been an advocate for augmented reality for years, using it to sell popular brands to tech-savvy consumers. Now, the company is focusing its efforts on the new Isaacmizrahinewyork application, which makes use of the Aurasma augmented reality platform to provide consumers with an engagement experience.…

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Codee IR platform brings augmented reality to mobile marketing

Codee QR Code

Codee announces new image recognition platform Codee Software, a technology company and augmented reality developer, has announced the release of a new image recognition platform that utilizes augmented reality technology. Called Codee IR, the platform is equipped with a large array of phone and cloud-based image recognition technologies as well as web services. The Codee IR platform will be used by Codee’s mobile applications to recognize a wide assortment of advertisements, logos, and other images. Codee’s new platform may have some powerful implications for mobile marketing. Codee IR platform aims…

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