IBM Research brings augmented reality to mobile shopping

Augmented Reality shopping mobile commerce

Augmented reality application introduced by IBM Research IBM Research, the research and development arm of IBM, has developed a new mobile application that could have a major impact on the way people shop for products. Shopping via a mobile device is becoming more popular due to the convenience it offers consumers. Devices like smart phones and tablets provide consumers with a way to research products, find better deals, and even make purchases directly from their mobile device. IBM Research believes that mobile shopping can be enhanced through the use of…

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Augmented reality shopping experience launched by IBM

augmented reality shopping assistant

The technology manufacturer has released the software to help consumers to discover the right products. A brand new smartphone app has just been launched which uses augmented reality to help provide shoppers with detailed information about the products that they see within physical stores, simply by aiming smartphones at the packages and viewing them through the screen. This software first became available in the United Kingdom and will soon be available in the United States. According to IBM Research project manager, Amnon Ribak, based in Haifa, Israel, this new application…

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