Human QR code breaks world record in China

human qr code umbrella

Chinese students have successfully come together to create the largest ever quick response code made of people. A whopping 2.5 thousand Chinese students recently joined together to create the largest human QR code that has ever existed. The students joined together in the country’s Henan province to break the previous existing record. There were a total of 2,520 students from Sias International University who created the QR code. The students from the university in the city of Zhengzhou got together on November 1 (though it was first reported by local…

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QR codes break more world records

world record Coca-Cola QR codes

In the ongoing challenge to create the largest human quick response code, a new biggest barcode was built. Ever since QR codes first started to become very popular and easily recognizable by consumers, there has been an ongoing battle among locations, brands, and companies to create the largest human versions of the barcode. Now, the latest record for the biggest human quick response code has been broken, once again. The previous record for the largest human QR codes – which was just broken – was held by Mission Hills luxury…

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QR codes record broken in Taiwan

Taiwan QR codes

Over 1000 people in the country came together to create a massive human barcode. On Sunday, more than 1000 people in Taiwan worked together on a promotion for the island, which created QR codes made out of people, in the hopes that they would be able to draw the attention of the world. The effort was designed to profit from the increase in smartphone use around the world. This is because the growing global penetration of smartphones has meant that a larger number of people have the capability of actually…

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