Mobile wallets could replace traditional wallets

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Mobile applications are beginning to play a major role in commerce Mobile wallets may soon be in a position to replace their traditional counterparts. Mobile technology is becoming an increasingly integral part of society, and many people are beginning to rely on their smartphones and tablets in their daily lives. This means that mobile devices are becoming repositories of consumer information, including financial data. These devices are also storing information coming from businesses, such as digital coupons and other such offers from retailers and other organizations. Mobile wallet applications are…

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Starbucks finds more success in mobile commerce

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Company continues to see success through its innovative mobile application Starbucks has found a great deal of success in its mobile commerce endeavors. The company has been trying to embrace mobile consumers for some time, launching various marketing and engagement initiatives throughout the years. These initiatives have been met with varying degrees of success, but introducing consumers to mobile payments has been the most successful initiative from the company to date. According to CEO Howard Schultz, Starbucks is now supporting some 12 million active users through its mobile application in…

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Starbucks aims to expand focus on mobile commerce

Starbucks Card Mobile commerce payments App

Starbucks leadership shifts as company begins to take the mobile space more seriously Starbucks is experiencing a shift in leadership as it begins to focus more heavily on e-commerce and mobile payments. The company’s Chief Financial Officer, Troy Alstead, has been moved to the position of Chief Operating Officer. This move will allow Howard Schultz, Starbucks’ Chief Executive, to focus on the expansion of the company’s mobile and e-commerce efforts. Starbucks has managed to establish a strong presence in the mobile space and has plans to further increase its accessibility…

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Mobile commerce may soon blend with social networks

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Starbucks and Square could benefit from the integration of mobile commerce and social media Social networks may be able to take mobile commerce to new heights. Networks like Facebook and Twitter are beginning to play a larger role in influencing the purchasing habits of consumers, many of whom rely heavily on mobile technology. Recently, Starbucks partnered with Square, a mobile payment service provider, in order to provide consumers with more expansive mobile commerce options. This partnership presents a significant opportunity for social platforms to expand the reach of these two…

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