QR codes are common, but so is their poor use

QR Codes

Though quick response barcodes are widely used, many companies still aren’t applying them well. Though QR codes are providing a wonderful opportunity for brands to bridge the gap between the real world and the digital universe, many companies have yet to figure out how to provide any level of engaging consumer experience. This poor user experience is leading consumers to shy away from continuing to scan the barcodes. Fortunately, as the use is still relatively new, there are enough consumers out there who have not yet scanned QR codes that…

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QR codes will need to be properly applied or their use will fade out

QR Codes used in mobile marketing campaigns

Though the barcodes had been a growing part of mobile commerce, they must be maintained. Halfway through 2011, the popularity of QR codes suddenly experienced an explosion and they began appearing on everything from product packages to business cards, while consumers scanned them regularly. Now, marketers are using them even more, but inconsistently and without purpose. The more mainstream QR codes become, the less care many companies and brands are taking for their implementation. Without paying attention to the way that these barcodes are used, they are providing consumers with…

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QR codes are important mobile commerce and marketing time savers

QR Codes Marketing for mobile shoppers

Scanning barcodes makes communication, engagement, and shopping faster and easier. Those little smartphone barcodes called QR codes are grabbing a great deal of attention from companies, marketers, and consumers alike, and while some people love them and others hate them, what can be said almost universally is that they have the potential to save a lot of time. These black and quite squares are popping up virtually everywhere, these days. They are commonly found on billboards, bulletin boards, business cards, bills and invoices, catalogs, magazines and newspapers, and product packages.…

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Progenitor of QR codes releases new guide to help people understand how to use the technology

Mobile Marketing QR Codes

Though QR codes have only recently been getting a great deal of attention, they are not a new technology. The codes were first developed in Japan by Denso Wave, a subsidiary of Toyota. The company designed QR codes as a way to efficiently keep track of inventory. When Japanese marketers got hold of the barcodes, however, they found that they could create interactive advertisements with the codes. Today, QR codes are nearly everywhere in Japan, but fairly rare in Western societies. Though the codes are now becoming famous in the…

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Spektacle Magazine releases new QR code broadcasting book

Unique QR Code

Spektacle Magazine has announced the release of a new book entitled “Broadcasting on Paper” which is designed to help print media such as newspapers and magazines to provide their readers with exciting new features based on QR codes. The book shows a number of ways in which a QR code campaign can be created, using step-by-step instructions, which include everything from selecting the best form and design of barcode to use, to deciding how to make them visually appealing, and then managing the codes that have already been created. The…

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