The ABC’s of mobile marketing and why your business needs to know

What is mobile commerce

Despite the upsurge in the release of technology news regarding mobile payments, the companies involved, and how much it will be worth over the next few years, consumers remain confused about what mobile payments are and what they will mean to them.  In response, industry experts have laid out the most important basic points.   Mobile payments were designed to make payment transactions more convenient, using different kinds of technology, from near-field communications (NFC) to direct mobile billing.  These are already increasing in popularity worldwide. By the year 2015, it…

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SMS marketing campaign tips

SMS Marketing Campaign

Many businesses are looking into SMS or text message marketing as an avenue for their mobile marketing campaigns. Did you know that even an individual can set up an SMS campaign? Text messaging can be used for more than just business advertising. Texting can be used for charities, social change, education or support for a cause. Before starting a texting campaign you should have a clear idea of what you want to accomplish and who your target audience will be. If it’s a big campaign, you should look at your…

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