3 Facts About Traditional Marketing Vs. Digital Marketing

digital marketing strategy

The world is changing and so is marketing. Any business that does not quickly adapt to the changing times risks losing out on great opportunities. In the wake of this digital era entrepreneurs and companies must strive to benefit from a combination of traditional and digital marketing. But what is the difference between traditional and digital marketing and why is it so important? Which one is more significant and is there a realistic or perfect balance between the two? Traditional marketing methods are the conventional ways of marketing that have…

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How to Perfect the Augmented Shopping Experience

Augmented reality and technology Shopping trends

Between near field communication (NFC) and QR codes, retail shopping is transforming. All it takes is a quick tap of an iPhone or Android and customers are introduced to the next generation shopping experience. The perfect augmented shopping experience combines the appeal of online shopping and traditional shopping. While consumers are quickly embracing the augmented shopping experience, retailers are missing the mark. “The ability to instantly get reviews and price comparisons while shopping has completely broken down the business model of physical retail stores,” wrote Michael H for PhoneArena. “Some…

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Applying the 4 P’s of Marketing to mobile commerce

Mobile Commerce Industry

With the growth of the use of mobile commerce, merchants are scrambling to determine whether or not it is right for their own sites; experts are recommending that the standard 4 P’s known in the marketing world be applied to answer this question. The 4 P’s known throughout the marketing world are: product, promotion, payment, and presentation. They will allow merchants to decide whether or not mobile commerce is appropriate to their businesses and websites. The majority of products are quite suitable for use with mobile platforms. That said, most…

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