QR codes will be placed along the Meriden linear trail

QR Code Maps

The barcodes will be found at the kiosks located on the second phase. The Meriden Linear Trail Advisory Committee has announced that they will be using QR codes to help to share information in the limited available space along the second phase of its linear trail. This new high tech approach to sharing its research is meant to make the information more easily accessible. The second phase is a stretch of about 1.2 miles. Along that span, there will be four different kiosks that will feature information about the region’s…

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QR codes made out of cobblestones draw the world’s attention to Portugal

QR Codes in cobblestone

Mcommerce barcode made out of black and white stones were worked into the pavement. The Portuguese pavement, the calçada portuguesa, which is a traditional style of pedestrian walkway in the country, now includes a modern mcommerce feature, as QR codes were worked in with cobblestones. Though this technique may have been used for hundreds of years, the barcode adds a modern twist. The new QR codes have been worked into the sidewalk in Chiado, Lisbon. It is quite beautiful and artistic, but tremendously sensitive to the light in terms of…

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QR codes to be the center of a new program from the Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce

Wisconsin Rapids QR Codes

Local businesses will receive assistance in integrating these barcodes into their mcommerce strategies. Businesses will be able to receive a lesson in the use and implementation of QR codes from the Heart of Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce by attending an educational presentation that will run from 8am to 9am on September 27. The presentation about quick response codes will be located in Wisconsin Rapids, at 1120 Lincoln St. The co-sponsorship of this event is from Cellcom and from Element Mobile. The purpose is to help local businesses to make important…

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Mhealth program uses QR codes to access patient information

QR code mhealth

The Immune Project is using a mobile strategy to increase the number of vaccinations. Every year, millions of children die from preventable diseases because they did not receive a vaccination, but with the mhealth strategy at the Immune Project, it is hoped that this number will be significantly diminished. The program is using QR codes to give providers access to information about their patients. The goal is to begin using better patient record management through mhealth methods in order to make certain that the number of people who do not…

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QR codes are gaining strength in numbers

QR Codes fitness

There has been a growing amount of creativity in how QR codes are being used. Though it took a while for them to catch on, QR codes are now appearing just about everywhere, from more common product packages to increasingly unique and unusual spots. From shop windows to print ads, and even gravestones, these barcodes are appearing everywhere we look. Quick response codes are becoming quite the common sight on flower pots, pizza boxes, an even produce stickers at the supermarket. If you use a smartphone to scan the plant…

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