Restaurants and bars are beginning to use the Tabbedout mobile payment app

Mobile Payment App

Tabbedout is starting to become available at many different bars and restaurants to offer patrons the opportunity to pay for their food and drink purchases by using the mobile payment app. It functions by allowing customers to open a tab and view it in real time, paying it at their convenience by way of their Android smartphone or iPhone. To use it, consumers simply need to download the Tabbedout app, which is available for free. They must then enter their credit card information which is then safely stored on the…

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Google Wallet to give consumers spending money to drive use of mobile payments

Google Wallet

Google Wallet has announced that it will be giving consumers $10 to spend through its new NFC mobile payment service in the hopes to encourage its use, as it has – so far – had a slow start. According to the official blog of the company, “We’re excited to give you a chance to try out Google Wallet and experience paying with a mobile phone.” Google aims to offer this opportunity to customers at select retailers in five American cities ahead of the holiday season. Those cities are: Los Angeles,…

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Google expands features of their recently launched mobile wallet platform

M Payment

Google is bringing new features to their mobile wallet product in the coming months. The company recently launched their Google Wallet platform for NFC-enabled smart phones, hoping to lead the charge toward mobile commerce. Google hopes to entice mobile consumers to adopt their financial tool over those offered by competitors by presenting them with a sleuth of discounts and coupons. This new feature will be called SingleTap, and signals a partnership between Google and several retail companies to bring discounts to consumers. Google’s Wallet uses NFC technology to transform a…

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Top NFC specialists join together for a global alliance

NFC technology mobile payments

Experts in near field communication (NFC) have announced a major global alliance among three top firms in the industry, in order to promote the technology’s potential for mobile marketing. The companies involved in what has been called the NFC World Alliance, are each representative of a different part of the globe, including Asia-Pacific’s Tapit, EMEA’s Proxama, and Blue Bite in the Americas. Each of these companies has already established its success in campaigns based on NFC which have assisted in linking brands to consumers on a broad scale. Dan Trigub,…

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What is contactless payments and how will it make my life easier?!

How Does Mobile Payments Work

Near field communications (NFC) is a technology that has the potential to create a great deal of convenience to keep all of the different forms of identification that we need on a regular basis all easily accessible and in the same place. NFC is a form of contactless credential technology that can make a mobile device act as credit cards, debit cards, and even points and loyalty cards, or other types of identification such as a driver’s license. It promises to one day provide us with the chance to use…

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