Census QR code campaign at Brooklyn hospital helps patients scan and complete

Census QR code - United States Census 2020 phamplet

Maimonides Hospital is encouraging patients to scan quick response codes before the deadline. Maimonides Hospital staff in Brooklyn have launched a census QR code campaign to make it easier for patients and staffers alike to complete their form before the deadline this month. The quick response barcode was first launched three weeks ago, and now they’ve made another push. The census QR code posters are displayed in areas where patients, staff, and even people walking by the hospital are all likely to see them. Whether they’re stopping to rest or…

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QR codes used through Google Glass wearing doctors for patient ID

prescription qr codes medical

ER docs have been employing a custom medical app for the augmented reality glasses. A technology forward hospital in Boston, Beth Israel, has now developed a custom Google glass information retrieval system that gives its Emergency Department doctors the ability to scan QR codes posted on the wall of each of the rooms in order to be able to call up the information about the patients who are within those spaces. It remains a prototype for a new information system but it is currently being tested by the docs. The…

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