Hong Kong subway riders will soon use QR payments

QR payments - Hong Kong Subway

Commuters will be able to scan a barcode to pay their fare for using the public transportation. The Hong Kong subway system will soon allow riders to use QR payments to pay their fare. This use of QR code scans as a form of ticketing is rising in popularity all over the world. The Hong Kong subway system’s mobile payments are a part of a new deal with Ant Financial. The deal between the subway system and Ant Financial – Alibaba’s payment affiliate – was first announced last week. As…

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QR Code based payments coming to Hong Kong’s rail network

QR Code Based Payments - Hong Kong Rail

MTR plans to implement a payment system that uses quick response codes. In an official statement released by MTR Corporation, Hong Kong’s rail operator, the company announced that it intends to implement QR code based payments on existing AFC (Automatic Fare Collection) gates. Passengers will be required to pre-generate a QR based transit code. The new QR Code based payments system will be built on a travel first and pay after payments model. Under this new system, passengers will need to pre-generate a quick response based transit code to enter…

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Octopus QR code launches in Hong Kong for taxi mobile payments

taxi Octopus qr code tracking

The digital transaction operator’s goal is to encourage cabbies and passengers to stop using cash. A new Octopus QR code service is rolling out in Hong Kong to make it easier for the 40,000 taxi drivers throughout the city to accept mobile payments instead of cash. So far, the reception from cabbies hasn’t been all that enthusiastic as they want greater incentives. Taxi drivers see the potential of the Octopus QR code, but are hoping to be given greater incentives to start using it. They also want a boost in…

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Apple may see limited success in Hong Kong’s mobile payments market

iphone mobile payments NFC technology

Hong Kong could be a very challenging market for Apple to find a foothold in Apple is expected to bring its new mobile payments service, called Apple Pay, to Hong Kong next year, but the company may find limited success in that market. The company has been working with several banks in order to make the payment service available to consumers, but these banks see little promise in Apple Pay when compared to other services that are becoming available. Apple has already found significant success with its payment service in…

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Powa Technologies aims for more success in the mobile commerce field

Mobile commerce Trends

New acquisition could help Powa reach new markets throughout the world Powa Technologies, a prominent commerce organization based in the United Kingdom, has announced its acquisition of MPayMe, a company based in Hong Kong that specializes in business technologies. Through this acquisition, Powa aims to expand its global reach, breaking into new markets, particularly those that are interested in new technology and mobile commerce. The acquisition will give Powa access to MPayMe’s Znap application, which allows users to scan QR codes to make mobile payments. QR codes are becoming powerful…

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Alibaba to bring mobile payments to Intime Retail

Mobile payments platform

Alibaba makes an investment in department store operator Intime Retail One of China’s largest Internet groups has made its first investment in the traditional brick-and-mortar space. Alibaba has backed Intime Retail, a department store operator based in Hong Kong. Intime Retail operates 36 department stores throughout mainland China, each carrying luxury brands like Gucci. Alibaba has taken up a 25% stake in Intime Retail with a $692 million investment. The move is expected to have a significant impact on Alibaba’s initial public offering, which is expected to be launched later…

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Mobile payments standards released in Hong Kong

Hong Kong mobile payments

Banking association releases standards concerning mobile commerce Mobile payments have been growing rapidly in Hong Kong over the past few years as the number of smartphones and tablets grows. Consumers are showing strong interest in shopping and paying for products using their mobile devices, but there are relatively few standards in place that govern the parties that have invested heavily in mobile commerce. The Hong Kong Association of Banks has moved to change that, issuing a Best Practice of NFC Mobile Payments report. Report based on data collected by financial…

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New mobile commerce platform launched in Hong Kong

NFC technology mobile commerce

Mobile commerce platform launched by 3 Hong Kong and Citibank 3 Hong Kong, the mobile operator for the Hutchison Telecommunications organization, and Citibank Hong Kong have joined together to launch a new mobile wallet service called “3 Citi Wallet.” The mobile wallet is designed to make it easier for used to pay for goods and services using their mobile devices. The platform can store financial information as well as information associated with credit cards, making this data accessible through the use of NFC technology. Demand for mobile commerce is on…

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Chunghwa Telecom makes a strong move on mobile payments

Mobile Payments

Mobile payments make progress with the help of Chunghwa Telecom Chunghwa Telecom, one of Taiwan’s leading telecommunications companies, has signed two Memorandums of Understanding with telecommunications operators in Japan and Hong Kong this week. The companies in question are Japan’s KDDI and Hong Kong’s PCCW, prominent mobile network operators that account for a significant portion of the telecommunication services of their representative regions. Through these agreements, Chunghwa Telecom has plans to accomplish its ambitious vision concerning NFC-powered mobile payments. New partnerships bring new opportunities to mobile commerce Chunghwa Telecom has…

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QR code technology and the record industry, together, make beautiful music!

Viral marketing has been something of a hit in the many industries. The concept is simple…take a product, develop a sense of mystery by implementing qr technology and allow consumers to puzzle out what it really is. Somehow, the process makes the product more real and the consumer feels a deeper connection with it. The problem is getting the consumer to go through the trouble of paying the viral campaign any mind. Once they see it, it’s really a game of chance whether they’ll want to delve deeper. In Hong Kong, ad agency Leo…

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