QR Code based payments coming to Hong Kong’s rail network

QR Code Based Payments - Hong Kong Rail

MTR plans to implement a payment system that uses quick response codes. In an official statement released by MTR Corporation, Hong Kong’s rail operator, the company announced that it intends to implement QR code based payments on existing AFC (Automatic Fare Collection) gates. Passengers will be required to pre-generate a QR based transit code. The new QR Code based payments system will be built on a travel first and pay after payments model. Under this new system, passengers will need to pre-generate a quick response based transit code to enter…

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QR codes on cookies make a splash in an ebook store campaign

QR codes Cookies

Four Directions, is using the smartphones of café patrons to help spread the word about its digital offerings. The ebook store called Four Directions has just announced the launch of a unique advertising campaign that it has implemented, using QR codes to encourage mobile device owners to learn more about what they have to offer. The quick response barcodes were created and put into place by a team at Grey Group. Grey Group is an advertising based in Hong Kong. It came up with the interesting way of promoting the…

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Unique marketing uses smallest QR code art gallery

QR Code Marketing Campaign

The tiniest one in the world is now located in a Hong Kong shopping mall. When it comes to space, if you’re a retailer or other merchant in Hong Kong, the goal is to get as much done in as small an amount of space as possible, making QR codes an advertising method with a tremendous amount of potential. This unique marketing technique can help seller who can face rates as high as $2,000 per square foot of mall space. With rental costs as high as that, it makes it…

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