Honda Dream Drive brings in-vehicle payments to drivers

Honda Dream Drive - In-Vehicle Commerce and Entertainment

Honda’s in-dash system prototype uses mobile technology and voice control. Honda Dream Drive is the first integrated driver and passenger in-vehicle infotainment, commerce, service and rewards dashboard in the automotive industry. The fully integrated car experience is a collaboration between Honda and Visa. Drivers will be able to order a range of goods and services via the in-dash system. The Honda Dream Drive system, an AI (artificial intelligence) based technology, was first shown as a concept during CES 2017, under a collaboration with ConnectedTravel. Since then, the Japanese auto manufacturer…

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Audi launches its own augmented reality platform

Audi augmented reality - Mobile Website

Audi sets sights on augmented reality Audi may be best known for its vehicles, but like most other automakers it is not only interested in designing luxury cars. Honda, for instance, has its hands in a vast array of technological endeavors while its competitors pursue interests in renewable energy, space flight, and even geo-engineering. Audi has adopted a strong interest in augmented reality, believing that the technology is well suited for creating highly interactive digital experiences. Instead of relying on third parties to develop such experiences, however, Audi has developed…

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Augmented reality gains ground in the auto industry

Augmented Reality windshields in cars

Augmented reality could be a new feature for future vehicles Augmented reality is typically seen as an effective marketing or entertainment tool. The technology is able to bring digital content to life, allowing smartphone and tablet users to experience this content wherever they are. In both marketing and entertainment, augmented reality has won acclaim because of its ability to superimpose digital content over the real world environment. This capability of the technology has caught the attention of the auto industry, with many automakers believing that augmented reality could be very…

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